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Are you looking for the perfect selection of chocolates for your wedding? Indulge in the sweetest moments of your special day with our exquisite collection of chocolates at 88 Degrees Chocolate Creations. We can create anything from 3D gold roses to gold Thank You bites, and lucky elephants with 24K gold flakes, all made fresh to order! Anything can be made and customized when you order with your local artisan chocolate shop. We are your experts in personalized chocolate favors that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

chocolate wedding dresses, peacocks, and elephants

88 Degrees Can Create Your Custom Wedding Chocolates With:

  • Thank You Bites
  • South Asian Sets
  • Cigar & Lighter
  • Cigar
  • 3D Gold Roses
  • Lucky Elephant
  • Wedding Dresses
chocolate wedding dresses and rings

Personalized Elegance

Whether it is incorporating the initials of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and themed designs that reflect your unique story, our custom wedding chocolates become more than chocolate, they become cherished mementos that beautifully symbolize the union of two individuals.

Tailored Flavor Profiles

When you choose 88 Degrees for your wedding, you have the opportunity to curate a selection of flavors that resonate with your taste and style. From classic combinations to innovative and exotic choices, personalized chocolate favors cater to the diverse palates of your guests. Ensuring that every bite is delightful for the joyous occasion.

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chocolate lighter and cigars

Unique Wedding Favors

Custom wedding chocolates serve as a distinctive and memorable wedding favor, offering a departure from traditional options. Everyone will receive handcrafted, personalized chocolates that not only satisfy but also reflect the importance of your special day. Adding a layer of sophistication and luxury for the new chapter of your life.

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