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Mother’s Day Custom Chocolates

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Celebrate the extraordinary women who have filled your life with love and warmth with our Mother’s Day chocolate collection. Be prepared for May to embark on a journey of sweetness as we invite you to explore our curated selection crafted to honor the exceptional mothers in your life. 88 Degrees is dedicated to transforming the sentiment of gratitude into an exquisite and personalized experience. Our creations are heartfelt expressions of appreciation, wrapped in artisanal indulgence. Let us help you to convey love with the sweetest of gestures.

chocolate purple and pink shoes and roses

Our Mother’s Day Creations Include

  • Personalized Dresses
  • Makeup
  • Purses
  • Perfume Bottles
  • Shoes
  • Roses
a chocolate bar with the words "I love my mommy" and two people swinging together

Personalized Expression of Love

From selecting her favorite flavors to designing chocolates that reflect her individuality, these custom treats become a true expression of gratitude. The thoughtfulness behind our personalized chocolates adds an extra layer of sentiment, making the Mother’s Day celebration even more special and memorable.

Tailored to Her Taste

Whether she adores the richness of bitter chocolate, the allure of flavor combinations, or sweeter notes, our custom chocolates ensure that each bite is a delightful experience. This level of attention to her tastes demonstrates a genuine understanding of her likes, making the gift truly thoughtful and enjoyable.

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chocolate hearts and flowers on sticks

Exclusive & Memorable

Our creations become an exclusive and memorable token of appreciation. The uniqueness of 88 Degrees leaves a lasting impression. The care taken to customize each piece showcases the intention behind the gift, turning the gift box into a cherished memento that she’ll remember long after the celebration is over.

Check out our Mother’s Day collection for options and to draw inspiration.

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88 Degrees takes pride in creating exclusive delights, ensuring an elevated Mother’s Day celebration. Contact us to schedule your Mother’s Day order. We look forward to seeing you!

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