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Our creations are meticulously handcrafted using only the finest ingredients, making them perfect gifts for loved ones or for larger gatherings.

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About Our Chocolate Shop

In 2021, it began with an eye for design and a love for chocolate.

88 Degrees was created with a mission to exceed expectations. Our pieces are not just chocolates; they are works of art meant to be enjoyed.

“Oh Wow! Is that Chocolate?”

This is what we want to hear.

Exceptionally crafted and made with passion, every 88 Degrees creation is one of a kind. We create a symphony of flavors that are carefully composed to enchant the senses. Only the finest Belgian chocolates are used to find the delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness, coupled with lingering tastes of luxury. Every selection is tempered at 88° Fahrenheit to result in the smoothest pour. All of our creations are pieces of are meant to be showcased, displayed, or consumed over six months.


Every creation is made with the utmost care and eye for design for an outstanding finish. We believe the simpler the ingredients, the better the taste.

Our ingredients:

  • Cocoa Solids (min 54%)

  • Cocoa Butter

  • Cocoa Mass

  • Sugar

  • Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)

  • Natural Vanilla Flavoring

*Contains Soy

We also take into account food intolerances, making our chocolates vegan and gluten-free. So that everyone can enjoy our custom chocolate creations.

We make creations for all ages and occasions to bring the most joy and happiness to any setting. Come in and visit our shop in Butler or give us a call with your next order!

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On TV - MTV Lebanon - Jessica Azar Show @mtvlebanonnews

Personalized Gift to Singer, actress, and performer Carole Samaha


On TV - MTV Lebanon - Jessica Azar Show @mtvlebanonnews

Empowering women episode with Nadia Al Gindi


On TV - MTV Lebanon - Jessica Azar Show @mtvlebanonnews

Minister of information, Manale Abdel Samad receiving a special gift from 88 Degrees.


On TV - MTV Lebanon - Jessica Azar Show @mtvlebanonnews

For Women's International Day with Raya El Hassan


On TV - MTV Lebanon - Jessica Azar Show

To the talented Hiba Tawaji


On TV - MTV Lebanon - Jessica Azar Show

Personalized Breakable Heart to The journalist, television host and politician Paula Yacoubian